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Hello beautiful woman!

Welcome to my page. I am Liga, and I am here to guide you on your journey to holistic health and wellbeing.

With a background of trauma, severe anxiety, depression and a range of chronic health issues, it is my transformation through these life challenges that has brought me here to serve you, beautiful woman. 


It was when trauma came to a head for me in my early twenties that I really began my journey to freedom. I was wholeheartedly seeking peace and happiness and would not give up until I found it.


I soon discovered that peace and happiness does not come from outside of me. From any external circumstances - money, a job, relationships, even where I live (I moved constantly throughout my twenties, always looking for that GREENER grass!!!). Peace, freedom, joy, love… all of those beautiful uplifting qualities came from WITHIN me, from my inner higher self, or soul. 


But HOW can I access it?? I knew these qualities were within me somewhere, but I had no idea how to connect with them, feel them, become them…


This is when I dived deeper into myself, as I explored ‘WHO AM I’ through the lens of yoga, meditation and counselling. I explored my triggers, wounds, traumas, thoughts, emotions, physical feelings, and how they so DEEPLY impacted the way I experienced my life. 


The more I dove into myself and the more I loved and accepted parts of me that just wanted to be SEEN & HEARD, the more I released what was holding me back from connecting with those qualities of peace, freedom, joy and love…


Then the anxiety began to lift…

The depression dispersed…


The more my health steadily increased…

And now, I am here to serve you, beautiful woman. To guide you from stressed, depressed, anxious and unwell, to peaceful, free, joyful and full of vital energy. To help you connect with the parts of you that long to be expressed, to know your hearts’ deepest desires and get you on a path that is TRUE to the uniqueness that is YOU.


I feel so blessed and grateful to be here, to be of service to you. I thank you for your courage, your strength and your determination to live a life YOU desire.



Liga Walters - Glow with the Flow
What people are saying


Liga lives and breaths yoga. Her adeptness in the practice, her understanding of the depths of its rich tradition, creativity, humour, and calmness she displays makes a yoga session one of the best you will ever get. Her beautiful energy and love of yoga ensures you are in the best hands to learn yoga. Attending Liga's classes sets me up for the week feeling refreshed and energised.


Having recently attended a yoga/meditation class and a Women's Circle through Glow With The Flow, I highly recommend these services!   No experience is necessary and all are made to feel welcome and supported. Liga has a beautiful energy that radiates in all of the work that she does.


I recently attended a meditation course led by Liga.  The course was wonderful.  Liga is a fantastic teacher, and very calming and nurturing.  I would definitely recommend attending any of Liga's events. I'm already booked in for my next course!

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