Relaxation Sessions

Postnatal Support

Allow yourself to be nurtured & held
during this special time. 

Glow with the Flow Special Occasions

1:1 Pre/Postnatal Support

Sessions which will include pre or postnatal yoga depending on your needs. Option to also receive guidance regarding nutrition and Ayurveda (traditional Indian medicine) for preconception, pregnancy and postpartum. 

Single Session

Single 90 min session


Package 1

3 x 90 minute sessions

$269 (save $31)

Package 2

5 x 90 minute sessions

 $439 (save $61)

WHY Pre/Postnatal Support??


Yoga is so beneficial for pregnancy as it helps to:

- promote relaxation 
- improves fitness, stamina, strength & flexibility
- promotes emotional wellbeing
- can alleviate back problems and other aches & pains of pregnancy
- empowers women as it helps her become conscious & courageous during her pregnancy and beyond.

What about after the baby? Postnatal yoga is just as important! It:

- helps in many aspects of postpartum recovery 
- helps to nurture & restore mum 
- a gentle way to slowly rebuild strength in weakened areas such as the pelvic floor, low back & abdominals
- improves circulation, breathing and opens chest & shoulders which can help with breastfeeding.
- helps with neck, back and shoulder pain
- teaches you the tools to manage physical pain, emotional stress & overwhelm.  

What are people saying about 1:1 Pre/Postnatal Sessions with me?

Mumma-to-be Ceremony


Celebrating the incredible creative power of being a woman bringing new life into the world. Includes prenatal yoga (also suitable for those who are not pregnant!), guided meditation, journaling, sound healing with pure quartz crystal bowls, tea and nibbles.


2.5 hr package: $350 (+ hall hire if required).

Location: Clarence Valley Region.


If you would like a longer ceremony these are available as per your request.


Sacred Cacao Ceremony also available. Speak to me about this if you are interested. Ceremonial Cacao is safe during pregnancy, however, if you have any concerns please speak to your GP. 

"I contacted Liga when I was 28 weeks pregnant as I was looking for a more personalised program involving yoga and meditation for relaxation. Liga's private sessions are perfect for addressing your individual needs and are held in a beautiful space created by Liga in her home. I feel amazing after each session and therefore highly recommend GLOW with the FLOW."

- Kelly