Relaxation Sessions

1:1 Relaxation Sessions

Go deeper to make lasting transformational  life changes.

Relaxation Sessions with Glow with the Flow

Yoga | Meditation | Holistic Counselling

Includes a combination of:

If you're ready to transform, I have 2 transformative packages for you...
Package 1

Here's what you'll receive...

3 x 90 minute 1:1 Relaxation Sessions (value $300)

1 x Pass to a Women’s Circle (Value $30)

2 x Pass to meditation classes (Value $30)


Total Value - $360
Introductory Price


*Package to be used over the maximum period of 6 weeks.

Package 2

Here's what you'll receive...

6 x 90 minute 1:1 Relaxation Sessions (value $600)

2 x Pass to a Women’s Circle (Value $60)

3 x Pass to meditation classes (Value $45)


Total Value - $705

Introductory Price


*Package to be used over the maximum period of 12 weeks.

Single 90 minute 1:1 sessions available - $100

3 x 90 minute sessions - $269 (to be used over a maximum of 6 weeks)​

5 x 90 minute sessions - $439 (to be used over a maximum of 10 weeks)​

Single 60 minute 1:1 sessions available - $80

What styles of yoga do I teach?


Traditional Hatha

Grounded in rich yogic tradition of intelligent sequencing and linking movement with the breath, designed to suit your goals. This style of yoga helps you develop strength, flexibility and body awareness.


Yin Yoga
A gentle, passive, nourishing and replenishing yoga practice based on traditional Chinese medicine principles, with a focus on meridian channels, organs and fascia. Yin aims to remove blockages and increase energy flow, helps increase joint mobility, reduce risk of injury and is excellent for chronic fatigue.


Pre/Postnatal Yoga

Yoga to support you through your pregnancy and beyond. Tailored to your needs, whether that be relaxation, building strength, releasing muscle tension or preparing for labour and birth + assisting in postpartum recovery.


What styles of meditation do I teach?


Basic breath meditation

 Learn to focus your mind and draw your attention from your outer world to your inner world by focusing on the gentle inflow and outflow of the breath. Breath is considered a sacred object, as it is that which gives us prana, or life force, and sustains us.


A variety of Buddhist style techniques including:

·  Loving-kindness (Metta)

·  Forgiveness

·  Compassion

·  Acceptance

·  Mental noting (counting, mantra or other forms).


Sound healing
Meditate and relax to the sound of 7 Chakra Tuned Pure Quartz Crystal Singing bowls attuned to 432hz, the ‘perfect pitch’. This sound vibration resonates with the body and mother earth, helping to heal and create harmony and balance.


Other styles

·  Yoga Nidra (yogic or psychic ‘sleep’)

·  Progressive Muscle Relaxation

·  Chakra meditation

·  Mantra/chanting


What styles of breathwork do I teach?


Learn a variety of pranayama techniques to balance mind and body, reduce fatigue and calm the nervous system.

 From Nadi Shodana (alternate nostril breathing), Sitali (cooling breath) to Ujayi (victorious/ocean breath) to many more, catered to your needs.

 Learning to control the breath helps us to learn to control the mind. When we can control the mind and our thoughts, we can create the life of our choosing.

If you are NEW to yoga or meditation, 1:1 Relaxation Sessions are a gentle introduction with guidance catered to your specific needs, desires and goals.


If you are an EXPERIENCED yoga and/or meditation practitioner, these sessions help you to deepen your relaxation and self-practice. Using tools of holistic counselling combined with yoga and meditation help accelerate your growth as you are able to work through unconscious ‘stuff’ that may be keeping you blocked from stepping into your highest potential.

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What people are saying

Liga is one of those people you meet and feel like you’ve known for your whole life.

Her yoga and meditation classes are slow and mindful which has helped me to learn more about the practice rather than just taking another ‘class’. I walk out feeling energised and grounded. It’s the best part of my week.

I highly recommend Liga and rate her 5 stars and beyond! Just amazing x

- Lauren Mynyk