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Women's Circles

Women's Circles

Connect with
like-minded women
in a safe, supportive and
nurturing space.




I invite you to join the sisterhood...


Gathering in circle is a simple yet incredibly powerful act.


As each woman shows up, we ‘listen with the ears of our heart to the other voices of ourselves speaking’  as my teacher Jane Hardwicke-Collings describes.


THIS is the medicine for our healing, growth and transformation.

We also come together to honour the seasons of our life, the earth, moon and our menstrual cycle which allows us to be in flow with the rhythms of nature and our bodies.

Being in flow creates an undercurrent of ease, lightness, joy and peace in our lives.

Our gatherings will coincide with the astrological energies of the full, dark & new moons. 

Next circle

Sunday 30th July.

Includes Cacao Ceremony!

Booking link coming soon.


What people are saying

When I first heard of the Women’s Circle I was curious, yet apprehensive. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but Liga made contact with me beforehand to ask a few questions... this helped settle any unease I had. So I booked myself a spot, gathered up my courage along with my yoga mat and journal and went. While I had never before tried yoga, I have always been curious and wanted to experience it at least once. Walking up those steps into the safety of the room not knowing what to expect was a little daunting, but immediately I stepped into the room, I was made feel welcome and included.

Okay, yoga and I aren’t a perfect match. My body is old and worn in places, besides being a bit more than I would like it to be, but I pushed that aside, and gave it a go. Surprised that it was not exhausting like some exercise classes I have attended, but a gentle way to get this old body a little more flexible... which was my aim. There are some things I cannot do, but I just did what I could and didn’t feel any pressure to “push through” and conform to a set standard.

The beautiful encounter time of sitting in a circle and talking about our feelings, about our aims and simply listening to others, as well as taking the time to journal those thoughts and feelings...that was special. The gentle hum of music in the background, the sense of purpose in the women present are all fulfilling experiences. The whole experience of just being in a safe space, with beautiful women who truly just want to love and support each something you should give a go!

I’m going back this Friday, with a mind that is willing , a body that is often unable... but a heart that is open. See you there sometime!

- Maureen

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