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What people are saying
What people are saying


I've participated in groups  with Liga and Johanna . I was very nervous about attending a Glow with the Flow & Somatika workshop , but straight away l was made to feel comfortable and would recommend taking the leap to join in . I had some emotions that l had forced down for personal reasons and throughout the evening, they resurfaced. I was  allowed to openly weep and never shamed .l enjoyed the free dance and free expression time . .. to Liga and Johanna for their amazing work x


When I first heard about the 'Awakening to our Power & Pleasure' workshop my immediate reaction was 'No - it's not for me!' and then I began to question that reaction.  Was it the fear of the unknown, being taken out of my comfort zone, feeling vulnerable with strangers or something I wasn't even yet aware of...


The more I questioned this, the more curious I became and in the past I have found that for me, curiosity often leads to learning and growth. Based on this, I took the leap and booked in.


I'm not going to lie, there were definitely times in the workshop that I was out of my comfort zone but Johanna and Liga held such a safe space to allow exploration of this.  It was a journey through breath, sound and movement - looking at my strengths, my weaknesses, my choices, my boundaries and  how consent intertwines within it all.


It takes strength to really open up, look at yourself and allow yourself to be vulnerable and the wonderful group of women that I journeyed with completely reinforced that to me.  There really is something magical about women gathering and growing together.


Thank you Johanna and Liga for the wisdom that you share!  I am so looking forward to attending the next Power & Pleasure workshop and the opportunity for self growth that it brings.

Jo Peillon
Facilitator of Dark Mojo

The Power and Pleasure workshop is a gentle and fun introduction into self awareness and pleasure. 

So often we put our own wants and needs aside to focus on others in our lives. This is a dive into YOU. 

I particularly liked the exercises focused around boundaries and what is pleasurable touch for me. Just being asked the question “what is pleasurable for you?”, will open you up to a new awareness and may even surprise you. 

From here we FEEL what it’s like to know ourselves and be able to love and nurture the things that bring us joy...and pleasure. 

And that is where the power lies. 

I highly recommend this introductory workshop.  Johanna and Liga are both knowledgeable, kind and energetic woman who hold space for this work beautifully. 

I look forward to upcoming workshops to dive a little deeper.

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